Organize your work life for even better results.

Bolste My Bolste

Bolsters – your digital “all-in-one” room

Your space to organize people, files, documents, updates and chats by project or topic.


My Bolste

Your personal planner and comprehensive view of all interactions, documents, files, tasks and more, across Bolste.


Free External Invites

Invite an unlimited number of customers, vendors, partners and consultants to collaborate with your team, for free.

Bolste Icon Notifications Bell


Get notified whenever a message, file or group chat is received across desktop, mobile, tablet and Apple Watch.
Bolste Icon Search


Easily find coworkers, files, documents and conversations when you need them most.

Better communication anytime, anywhere.

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Bolste Icon File Sharing
Bolste Icon Video Conferencing


Connect with anyone on your team instantly, from across the office or across the world.


File Sharing

Store and easily share an unlimited number of files, including contracts, presentations, videos, marketing collateral and more.


Video Conferencing 

Make meetings more personalized with easy group or direct video conferencing and screen sharing.

Bolste Icon Security


2048-bit SHA-2, TLS 1.2 encryption with 99.99% uptime.
Bolste Icon-services-services


24/7 customer service and a dedicated success team will help you to maximize Bolste in the most powerful way for your team.

Working together made easy.

Bolste Icon Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration

Make edits, track changes and get live feedback, all with the ability to share documents with those who matter most.


Task Management

Easily create, share and schedule tasks while transparently communicating progress.


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