Chat, plan, store, share files and manage tasks all in one simple, cloud-based platform.


Communication and collaboration software for outcome-driven businesses.


Organize, then align.

Get the software tools you need to plan, create, organize and align, no matter how complex the project or outcome.

Bolsters – your digital “all-in-one” room

Organize your initiatives by people, department, process or outcomes. Never lose track of documents, events or notes again with topic-specific Bolsters all under one digital roof.

Global search

Track down any file, document, project, interaction or task with a built in, comprehensive global search feature. Even search by person to view all interactions.

Personal “real-time” dashboard

Stay in the loop with all of your team’s activities via live interaction feed. View snapshots of the week, tasks and recent notifications pertaining to you and all bolsters you’ve subscribed to.

Communicate, then grow.

Your team, partners and customers can always stay in the loop, whether you’re in-house, working remotely or hundreds of miles away.

Team group chat

Multiple communication apps, platforms, logins and passwords can get really confusing, really fast. Create subject-based chats with stakeholders and easily retrieve relevant information, files and documents on demand.


Status change notifications

Cut out the noise of counterproductive email threads. Receive desktop notifications only when things happen that pertain to you, your bolsters and your work life.

Host video chats and screen sharing

Stop downloading and paying for expensive video/screen sharing software. Bolste offers video and screen sharing right through your browser, with multiple digital meeting attendees, in one click.

Collaborate, then accelerate.

Track and manage every project task and outcome with less effort and better results.

Store / share any file type

Always find your files because they’re exactly where they belong. Upload files to their own specific Bolster (ex: personal files to your “Personal” Bolster), and never worry about tracking them down again.

Live document creation & editing

Forget the confusing back-and-forth. Seamlessly collaborate with your team to create, edit and track documents, while always knowing where contributions are coming from.

Project, outcome and task reporting

Understand how you and your team are progressing on projects and outcomes with easy to read burn-up charts. Organize priorities and set notifications based on upcoming due dates or overdue tasks.

Secure, then scale.


Bolste follows the latest architecture best practices, with policies created to minimize the risk of internal and external threats, compromised data, and configuration issues.

Secure & available

Bolste is proud to operate with 99.99% uptime. With all services consistently monitored for failure and/or latency, the solution is created to guarantee exceptionally low downtime.

Verified safeguards

 All of Bolste’s data is stored in AWS’s protected data centers. With an emphasis on compliance certifications, including ISO 27001 and SOC 1, AWS helps to support a safer and more secure environment.

Built to scale

Bolste is built using a microservices architecture, allowing the ability to create instant instances at a massive scale and allow for more quickly deployed upgrades and efficient security enhancements.

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