Collaborate on tasks

Work together with internal team members and/or external stakeholders to assign and progress on milestones.


Add subtasks to each major task, giving teams the ability to track small and large goals as they’re completed.

Comprehensive Burn Charts

View a graphic representation of task progress and trends, divided by project or topic.
Bolste Icon Notifications Bell

Alerts across devices

Get notified whenever a message, file or group chat is received across desktop, mobile, tablet and Apple Watch.
My Bolste Icon

My Bolste™

Your personal planner for a full view of tasks, interactions, updates, files and more, across all channels and projects. Learn more…

Improved task organization for better outcomes.


Categorize by Bolster™

Store tasks within individualBolsters™, custom-created channels built to contain project or topic-specific files, goals, interactions and information.

Task list organization

Easily drag and drop individual to-dos in order of priority, topic or collaborator within larger task lists.

Archived tasks

See an archived list of all completed tasks for easy future reference and a record of completed milestones.

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