Screen sharing

Show presentations, spreadsheets and documents without sending/downloading files.

No software downloads

Go straight from business messaging to video conferencing in a single click, without the need to download additional software.

One-on-one or group conferencing

Make meetings count with individual or small group video conferencing, all in one convenient platform.

Team conferences in two clicks

Quickly start a group video conference through the Members tab of any Bolster™.
Bolste File Sharing Icon

Document Collaboration

Team with co-workers, freelancers, agencies and more, to easily track changes, create and edit documents.
Bolste Asset Chat

Business Messaging

Chat with your most important stakeholders, including vendors, clients and consultants, via desktop or mobile. Learn more…

Connect face-to-face in one click.


Sales team

Share demos and presentations with potential clients while allowing for an open stream of communication with simple business chat to video conferencing capabilities.

Customer support

Use video conferencing to increase client retention and onboarding effectiveness, screen sharing to help with tech support issues, and more.

Internal training

Connect face-to-face for team meetings, remote employee onboarding, to conduct trainings,  etc.

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