Content Marketing Development

Better organization, stronger communication. Marketing Collaboration software


For CMOs and their marketing teams, working closely with thought-leaders across the organization is imperative for creating valuable, relevant content.

The goal is to create powerful branding and sales enablement materials that can help to grow the company and strengthen the brand as efficiently as possible.

However, marketing can face a number of challenges in this pursuit, including an overwhelming number of emails, one-off messages, edits and calendars, all housed in different locations.



For management

A single location to collect content, team task software – assign topics and interact with writers— Valuable statistics to gauge creation time and resource allocation

Team benefits

Easy version control without an overload of emails and upload sites— Quick collaboration across the organization, including with freelancers, agencies, etc. Task management and project management processes improve.


Faster communication for meeting deadlines and following project timelines— Instant access to style guides and brand documentation, in the same place as communications, collateral versions, etc.

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