Customer Innovation

Driving innovation, supporting key outcomes through software


Organizations with initiatives relating to Innovation Centers (or similar shared organizations) that provide leadership, best practices, research and training support can find cross-team communication challenging.

Goals often include driving industry and market innovation, leveraging research, and training on specific topics of interest.

These ingenuity-focused environments often come with their own unique challenges. These can include stakeholder communication, standardization of software tools and processes, allocation of resources, readiness, and improving best practices.


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For management

Better orchestration, visibility, communication and collaboration across teams and stakeholders— Standardization/consolidation of business collaboration tools and operational processes by center, region and community

Team benefits

Access to key product/service experts, specialists and technology roadmaps. Collaborative online workspace improves your support team’s ability.


Improved management and readiness— Access to documentation, procedures and tools. Unified communications add chat to projects improving efficiency.

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