Small Business

One online software application, countless benefits.


As a small business, time, resources and bandwidth can be extremely limited. With revenue goals to hit and the need to move quickly, communication and ROI are imperative to track and maintain.

Return on investment— whether it’s time, money or effort— is paramount to continued growth. Departments need to work closely together, tackling goals and initiatives in an organized way.

Small businesses can face a number of unique challenges, including the inability to gauge the most efficient time investments, non-streamlined processes and a lack of centralized resources.

Bolste project management software and tools improve workflow and optimize outcomes.



For management

Easily track and manage outsourced resources (like freelancers and agencies)— See project, prospect and sales status updates in a single location— Spend less for all necessary communication and social tools

Team benefits

Access to documents, messaging and file sharing company-wide— Streamlined communication on resources, including updates with executives, managers and support staff


Instantly view productivity/effort statistics that can be used to train and better allocate bandwidth

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